Sunday, 19 June 2016

New Simfonica work on 14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival CD...

Spies tell me my new Simfonica mega-opus - all thirteen-and-a-half minutes of it! - will conclude the Day 2 CD at the 14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival of Psychedelia in Wales (August 5th-7th). 

A splendid time is surely guaranteed for all!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

"An Original Thought" in Daggerzine's Top 10...

Grateful thanks to Daggerzine in the US for including my new "An Original Thought" album in their June Top 10


Friday, 3 June 2016

Rocker playing "An Original Thought" as we speak...

Now there's a coincidence! I just join Rocker's June show on Dandelion Radio, and as we speak he's playing "An Original Thought", the title track from the latest album. 

Brilliant, Rocker! Many thanks!

Rocker's Dandelion radio show (with "A Peace That's Bad") now Mixclouded...

If you didn't catch it live during May, Rocker's always excellent Dandelion Radio programme for the month has now been Mixclouded

He included "A Peace That's Bad" from "An Original Thought"

Do check out the whole show, but if you've only got time for one track, "A Peace That's Bad" takes off around 22:30.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dagger Zine reviews "An Original Thought"...

Brilliant review of "An Original Thought" from the US-based Dagger Zine site! Grateful thanks to Tim Hinely.
"I first came across this gent’s music on the tunes that were on the Dust in the Nettles 3-cd folk compilation that Cherry Red released last year. Well, Beau (Trevor Midgley) is back and on his 70th birthday, no less. Apparently Midgley wrote this 13-song collection in just two weeks time (stating it was his most intense writing period ever) and this collection a terrific batch of folks songs that would make Phil Ochs or even Robert Zimmerman proud. Beau is certainly an accomplished guitarist (that is his Harmony twelve string pictured on the front) and he has an interesting clipped vocal delivery. The opening title track adds a bit of whimsy as does the playful “The Promised Land” while “The Patriot’ is a tad more serious. Sometime I’m not always sure what Beau is singing about but that’s ok, it could be the most friviolous topic in the world but coming out of his mouth it sounds deep and profound. Lots of folks’ music is way too by-the-numbers but Beau adds enough of his unique historical perspective into the tunes to give this one an extra good status (there’s really not a bad song in the bunch here). Let’s be honest here, this guy is way too talented to be so unknown, in his seventh decade on earth, maybe his time will come now."

Friday, 27 May 2016

Four-star review of "An Original Thought" from Shindig!...

"An Original Thought" has received a four-star review in the latest edition of "Shindig!"

Many thanks, Greg Morse!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Albums by "the original Beau!"...

Hmm, I've recently had a couple of emails looking for clarification about Beau recordings. 

Thing is, back in the day there was just me out there, but now it seems around the world there are several (six at the last count!) recording with the Beau name. These include a Japanese metal band, a female Thai vocalist and a New York drum 'n' bass exponent! Fortunately I trademarked the Beau name and signature a while back, but all this has caused a little confusion for folks thinking they were buying one of my albums and actually ending up downloading, for example, an American lady duo!

So, for clarity and excluding compilations, these are my available sets as we speak; those that I can confidently describe as being by "the original Beau"!

“Beau” (with bonus tracks) – CD and download
“Creation” (Japanese release with one bonus track) – CD
“Creation Recreated” (with bonus tracks) – download 
“Edge Of The Dark” – CD and download
“The Way It Was” – vinyl and download
“Fables & Fa├žades” – download
“Twelve Strings to the Beau” – vinyl
“Fly The Bluebird” – download 
“Recorded @ Rockers – The Dandelion Radio Sessions…” – download
“Creation” (Spanish release available worldwide with two bonus tracks) – vinyl
“Shoeless In The Desert” – download
“An Original Thought” – download

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New Simfonica piece to be released at the "14th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus" Festival...

It's just been announced there'll be a track from Simfonica - my electronica alter-ego - on one of the "14th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus" CDs at the Fruits de Mer Records Festival of Psychedelia coming up in August. And, rather like last years Simfonica contribution, I can tell you it's a biggie! 

Meantime, if you missed out on last year's offering, this is it: "Mother Russia"...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"An Original Thought" now listed with Technics Tracks (FLAC)...

Exclusively high-resolution specialists, Technics Tracks, now have "An Original Thought" on their cyber-shelves. 

Concentrating only on the hi-res FLAC format, this is the place to go if you want sounds out of Big 12 only your dog can hear! :)

Joe McGasco plays "Everything's Possible"...

Thanks indeed to Joe McGasco of WFMU-FM 91.1 in New York City for the world-premiere radio play of "Everything's Possible" from "An Original Thought" on last night's Surface Noise show! 

Much appreciated, Joe!

Monday, 16 May 2016

"An Original Thought" lyrics on

All the lyrics from "An Original Thought" are now on

Many thanks to Vincas Stepankevicius for pulling it all together.

"An Original Thought" in far-flung places...

I've been told "An Original Thought" is now officially streaming in the Ukraine and Russia; also, for the first time, one of my albums is downloadable in Taiwan

Excellent news!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Strange Brew reviews "An Original Thought"...

Many thanks to Jason Barnard for his neat review of "An Original Thought" in the new Strange Brew Sounds for mid-2016 page. 

"Former John Peel favourite Beau‘s has a new thirteen-song album  “An Original Thought”. Released forty-seven years on from his first release on Dandelion it was incredibly written in two weeks. It has all of Trevor’s hallmarks that have built up a new army of fans. As usual the songs are potted with political and historical lyrical thickets containing themes about patriotism, invention and modern-day surveillance. Highlights include the title track, ‘The Patriot’, the 12-string chiming ‘The Thinking of God’ and topical ‘Something Of A Loner’"

Sincerely appreciated, Jason!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

"Red Light In Arcady" - live in Manchester...

Following the release of “An Original Thought”, I’ve been asked whether I’m planning any more concerts. Nothing in the pipeline at the moment, but maybe this previously unseen performance from a gig at The Castle in Manchester in 2013 will do in the meantime!

Written long before the advent of Operation Yewtree, I’d guess “Red Light In Arcady” is one of very few songs to concern itself directly with sexual exploitation and abuse.

The original appeared on the Angel Air CD, “Edge Of The Dark” back in 2009.