Friday, 27 May 2016

Four-star review of "An Original Thought" from Shindig!...

"An Original Thought" has received a four-star review in the latest edition of "Shindig!"

Many thanks, Greg Morse!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Albums by "the original Beau!"...

Hmm, I've recently had a couple of emails looking for clarification about Beau recordings. 

Thing is, back in the day there was just me out there, but now it seems around the world there are several (six at the last count!) recording with the Beau name. These include a Japanese metal band, a female Thai vocalist and a New York drum 'n' bass exponent! Fortunately I trademarked the Beau name and signature a while back, but all this has caused a little confusion for folks thinking they were buying one of my albums and actually ending up downloading, for example, an American lady duo!

So, for clarity and excluding compilations, these are my available sets as we speak; those that I can confidently describe as being by "the original Beau"!

“Beau” (with bonus tracks) – CD and download
“Creation” (Japanese release with one bonus track) – CD
“Creation Recreated” (with bonus tracks) – download 
“Edge Of The Dark” – CD and download
“The Way It Was” – vinyl and download
“Fables & Fa├žades” – download
“Twelve Strings to the Beau” – vinyl
“Fly The Bluebird” – download 
“Recorded @ Rockers – The Dandelion Radio Sessions…” – download
“Creation” (Spanish release available worldwide with two bonus tracks) – vinyl
“Shoeless In The Desert” – download
“An Original Thought” – download

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New Simfonica piece to be released at the "14th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus" Festival...

It's just been announced there'll be a track from Simfonica - my electronica alter-ego - on one of the "14th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus" CDs at the Fruits de Mer Records Festival of Psychedelia coming up in August. And, rather like last years Simfonica contribution, I can tell you it's a biggie! 

Meantime, if you missed out on last year's offering, this is it: "Mother Russia"...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"An Original Thought" now listed with Technics Tracks (FLAC)...

Exclusively high-resolution specialists, Technics Tracks, now have "An Original Thought" on their cyber-shelves. 

Concentrating only on the hi-res FLAC format, this is the place to go if you want sounds out of Big 12 only your dog can hear! :)

Joe McGasco plays "Everything's Possible"...

Thanks indeed to Joe McGasco of WFMU-FM 91.1 in New York City for the world-premiere radio play of "Everything's Possible" from "An Original Thought" on last night's Surface Noise show! 

Much appreciated, Joe!

Monday, 16 May 2016

"An Original Thought" lyrics on

All the lyrics from "An Original Thought" are now on

Many thanks to Vincas Stepankevicius for pulling it all together.

"An Original Thought" in far-flung places...

I've been told "An Original Thought" is now officially streaming in the Ukraine and Russia; also, for the first time, one of my albums is downloadable in Taiwan

Excellent news!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Strange Brew reviews "An Original Thought"...

Many thanks to Jason Barnard for his neat review of "An Original Thought" in the new Strange Brew Sounds for mid-2016 page. 

"Former John Peel favourite Beau‘s has a new thirteen-song album  “An Original Thought”. Released forty-seven years on from his first release on Dandelion it was incredibly written in two weeks. It has all of Trevor’s hallmarks that have built up a new army of fans. As usual the songs are potted with political and historical lyrical thickets containing themes about patriotism, invention and modern-day surveillance. Highlights include the title track, ‘The Patriot’, the 12-string chiming ‘The Thinking of God’ and topical ‘Something Of A Loner’"

Sincerely appreciated, Jason!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

"Red Light In Arcady" - live in Manchester...

Following the release of “An Original Thought”, I’ve been asked whether I’m planning any more concerts. Nothing in the pipeline at the moment, but maybe this previously unseen performance from a gig at The Castle in Manchester in 2013 will do in the meantime!

Written long before the advent of Operation Yewtree, I’d guess “Red Light In Arcady” is one of very few songs to concern itself directly with sexual exploitation and abuse.

The original appeared on the Angel Air CD, “Edge Of The Dark” back in 2009.

Thursday, 12 May 2016 review of "An Original Thought"...

Brilliant review of "An Original Thought" by "PJ" on Amazon UK! 

Whoever he/she is, many thanks! reviews "An Original Thought"...

Many thanks to Mike Davies for this really detailed review of "An Original Thought", posted this morning on the website

Much appreciated, Mike...
BEAU – An Original Thought (Cherry Red BEAUAOT1)

"Having gone totally off the radar after the release of his 1971 album, 12-string maestro Trevor Midgley finally resurfaced on Cherry Red in 2011 with a series of remasterings or re-recordings. The following year he released his first collection of new material in 41 years and now seems to be doing so on an annual basis. Once again, this third gathering of new songs, released to coincide with his 70th birthday, is a download only release and, again, marries a mix of social and political commentary.

"I’ve noted before a similarity with the likes of Jackson C Frank, Phil Ochs, Dylan, Harvey Andrews and Country Joe McDonald, but I should also add here Jake Thakray, most notably so (both in swallowed vocal delivery and content) on the title track opener, a satirical comment on the dumbing down of the nation as a man is found not guilty of ever having an original though in his life.

"Patriotism and the way it can be manipulated forms the thrust of the fingerpicked ‘The Patriot’ (“They tell me how liberty comes at a price; That no price is ever too high. When devils are driving the wind to the sails.”) while the briskly strummed ‘The Promised Land’ turns its attention to the influence of focus groups on forming political policy that often reflects their own interests. By way of change of focus, over a circling guitar pattern, ‘Longhope’ pays tribute to the eight man volunteer crew of the Longhope lifeboat who lost their lives in the 1969 disaster during an attempted rescue.

"It’s back then to barbed commentary, adopting a sprightly, almost salvationist hymnal style tune for ‘The Thinking Of God’ about those who, from Pastors to Imams take it upon themselves to interpret the divine will of their choice, while ‘A Peace That’s Bad’ is a Country Joe-like strummed reminder that a ‘Peace that’s seen to be unjust fuels conflict and distrust’. Elsewhere, ‘Skeletons Dance’, with its music hall whirlygig melody, addresses political hypocrisy and its tabloid press exposure, ‘Little By Little’ casts an eye on the way increasing surveillance is gradually eroding our freedoms and the gypsy waltzing tragedy of ‘Something Of A Loner’ sounds an all too familiar note about the fate of those we see as social misfits (“Oh, it must be ten years. He was here when we came. He lived in the flats. No, I don’t know his name. He always wore medals. We thought he was weird. And the kids, well, whenever they saw him they jeered.”)

"It’s not all so pessimistic. ‘The Trotter Sisters’ is an amusingly wry bluesy tale of the showbiz comeback of sibling contortionists, so famous Madonna plays backup and the ragtime-styled ‘Everything’s Possible’ is a celebration of human ingenuity that namechecks Gutenberg, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming and Tim Berners-Lee, along with the inventors of the wheel and the compass. The optimism and resilience of the human spirit gets a personal note too in the circling melody of ‘Mary Huddleston’, the poignant story of his own great aunt who sailed from Liverpool on a way one trip to carve a new life in the Cape, braving all adversity to raise a farm and family.

"Fittingly then, he closes on an upbeat note with the energetically strummed ‘Hope’, a reminder that, despite all the connivances of the body politic and of those of power and privilege that “hope will be the last to die.” Not original thoughts perhaps, but perceptive and well honed nonetheless.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

"An Original Thought" now streaming on Spotify etc.

As promised by the good folks at Cherry Red, I'm delighted to say "An Original Thought" is now streaming at Spotify, Deezer and all the usual biggies. 


Monday, 9 May 2016

"An Original Thought" - lyrics & stories...

The lyrics and the stories behind the songs from the new “An Original Thought” album are now up online.

Over time, quite a few people have asked for chord info on tracks from various albums. Feel free to email me via my web site or message me individually through social media if you need chords to a particular tune from the new set. 


Beau – “An Original Thought” released…

Today’s the day! My 70th birthday extravaganza, “An Original Thought” from Cherry Red became available at midnight!

If you’re of a mind to check it out at Amazon or iTunes (or any of the sites carrying the new album), do feel free to rate and review the set. It really does make a big difference!

Written across one intense fourteen-day period, “An Original Thought” has songs about patriotism, invention, modern-day surveillance, showbiz comebacks and a lifeboat disaster. And that’s just for starters!

So, put all the referendum hype to one side for just one moment and try “An Original Thought”! You know it makes sense!